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WolfDesign is the parent of two strong brands: SnowWolf and ArborWolf.

SnowWolf is a manufacturer of professional-grade snow plows, pushers, blowers and tires for machinery, renowned for the innovative design and durability of its products since 1992.

ArborWolf is a forestry attachments specialist. Founded in 1996 as Miller Machine Works, WolfDesign acquired Miller in early 2015, and is eager to carry on the stellar reputation praised by customers worldwide.

Having originally started as landscape contractors, our team has a deep understanding of customer needs, and how equipment relates to business productivity and performance. With over 20 years of experience with attachments for skid-steers, wheel loaders and tractors, we know what works from an operator perspective as well.

Since our beginnings, we have built a stellar reputation among dealers for added-value service and support. Our goal is to provide equipment that works for customers in all senses of the word, and give them an outstanding return on their investment.

"Definitely the best Return on Investment of any equipment we've purchased for the farm."

- Mike B
Mulberry, IN